U14 / U16


U14 / U16 Programme - "Creating Successful People And Athletes"

The U14 and U16 QAST programmes are designed to get juniors excited about ski racing and to develop the physical and mental skills needed to compete as a ski racer.  We are looking to develop the skills acquired in U10 / U12 and grow their skill set.  It's all about Development with the emphasis still on Fundamentals, adding a larger percentage of the 'Train to Race' phase and an introduction to 'Competition' phase.  This is undertaken in a fun atmosphere where over 4 years we develop the skills needed to transition into the FIS programme.  We are trying to develop athletes to a level where they are familiar with the processes that are involved at the high end of the sport.

By entrusting your child's athletic development to our Coaching team we will develop and build their attitude towards:

  • Hard Work
  • Respect
  • Time Management
  • Enthusiasm
  • Initiative
  • Competitive Greatness
  • Confidence and Poise

We then move on to creating greater depth developing the Athletes:

  • Strength and conditioning - Building the skier and identifying instabilities.  A large focus is on Activation, Mobility, Cordination & Stability / Strength
  • Nutrition                          - Lean about the key aspects of Nutrition and the importance of fueling your body with the right things at the right time
  • Time Management            - How to manage their time effectively and keep to deadlines
  • Enthusiasm                      - To love the sport especially during the tough times (it is a long hard road and you have to love the process)
  • Initiative                          - Think for themselves and start to be self aware of what their body is doing - create internal feedback
  • Competitive Greatness      - Learn what it takes to preform and get the most out of themselves in high pressure situations
  • Confidence and Poise        - Be confident people and trust in what they are doing 

The Coaching team will be looking to develop these key attributes while focusing on creating the best environment for your child to learn.  The coaching staff follow a curriculum throughout the season similar to when at school so we encourage all athletes to attend all sessions on and off snow.  

2017 U16 / U14 Training Schedule coming soon

Who, Where, When, Cost and Equipment                           

Who is applicable for the program (DOB)

- U14: 2005 - 2006 born

- U16: 2003 - 2004 born


- The U16 program starts on the 12th of June and finishes on the 1st of October

- The U14 program starts on the 13th of June and finishes on the 1st of October

Programmes / Cost

Weekend only U14     - All Weekends, School Holidays and Races - NZD$2995.00 Including Insurance

Weekend only U16     - All Weekends, School Holidays and Races - NZD$3,042.00 Including Insurance

Junior Academy U14      - All Weekends, School Holidays and Races plus Wednesday and Thursday - NZD$4,576.00 Including Insurance

High School Academy - All Weekends, School Holidays and Races plus Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday AM training - NZD$5,460.00 Including Insurance


Included        - QAST Jacket, Lane space, Coaching on and off snow 

Not Included  - Facility Fee when training at another dryland facility

                    - Travel and race entries

                    - Snow Sports NZ Registration NZD$20.00 Click Here

Equipment (things change here, discuss with you coach, more detailed info in the QAST Handbook)

U14  - 1 pair of SL skis (chin to nose height) 1 pair of GS skis (5cm above head height) 17m radius.  Pair of Twin Tips are also useful 

        - 1 pair of SL poles elbow hight at 90 degrees plus SL Shin Guards 1 pair of straight GS poles 5cm longer

        - Hard Ear Helmet with regulation FIS sticker plus attachment for chin guard or separate SL Helmet, Back Protector highly recommended 

U16  Same as U14

         - SuperG ski is also useful 30m radius or big GS ski that they can grow into (discuss with coach) 



Racing is not the goal at this age group however all team members will compete at the SSNZ races to 'Learn to Compete" and learn the processes that are involved for the future.  From these points Athletes are then selected for New Zealand Youth Teams to compete at International Youth FIS Races.


How do I sign up?

If you were not an athlete in the 2016 season.  Please contact our office for further information at admin@qast.org.nz.

Returning NZ Athletes click here

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