NZSki / QAST Intro Programme

Long CP racing general course photo

NZSki / QAST Intro Programme

This is a 2 week programme that is endorsed by QAST and run by NZSki.  All QAST U10 / U12 athletes must complete this programme as it is the pathway into the full-time QAST programme.

Register by clicking the link below.


By participating in the "Performance Centre Holiday Programme" or the "QAST Intro Programme" ( Programme Fees: $1,200.00 ), you will be eligible to apply for the QAST U10/U12 Programmes.

The Performance Centre Holiday Programme is more All Mountain skill focused, and the QAST Intro Programme is more race and gate orientated, which is not vital at this age.

If you wish to continue on and join the full-time QAST Programme the Holiday / Intro Programme fees are rebated from the respective U10/U12 QAST programme pricing.

After completing these programmes or for more information about QAST please contact us at our office for further information at



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