International Athletes

Robby Kelley

International Athletes:  

QAST offers a programme for International Athletes looking for southern winter training opportunities.  Based in Queenstown we offer some of the best training in the world with excellent facilities on and off the hill.

We have a minimum 4 week sign up for the programme enabling athletes to have a productive training block without causing disruption to the full time groups.  Training opportunities can be tailored around individual athletes needs with training for 4 - 15 weeks on offer with the focus being on Fundamentals in June - July, Train to Race July - August and Competition August - September.

Pricing for the Block Training Programme is of training inclusive of all coaching fees and lane space, NZSki Lift Passes are an additional cost.

Athletes from U14 - FIS can apply. If interested please click here to complete the 2018 International Registration form. For further information email